Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flash, Saviour of the Universe

The first thought that popped into my head when i saw these :
"shit! what happened to my arms?!when was the last time i slept?!?!?! *faint*"
i need the gym more than i can imagine.....sad

hey world! Guess who's back! *shadys back, tell a friend* just kidding.
My sister bugged me into doing a post today, especially as i have no homework whatsoever so i have no excuse. As anticlimactic as it is, yes my outfit is very dull and boring i wont even write down where the stuff came from. Ha ha.

spent the day pulling my hair out at school, nagging ria about how her framing is off, and basically being a crabby bitch. It rained and im tired. Lets hope im cheery tomorrow, eh chaps?

Ive forgotten how theraputic blogging was, its a good place to vent, to share your dreams ,passions and day to day experiences. Its also a good motivation to get out of a rut and not settle for your tshirt and jeans uniform cause "you dont have time". Yeahhhhh...Anyway, expect more posts real soon. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not....depends if school doesnt smother me first.

Great to be back!
love, Ina

Oh yeah... i have a newfound interest in makeup, like the theatrical weird makeup (plus some normal shit), so every now and then ill be doing some makeup posts. Woohoo! :D

yeah, toodles. *word*


Erica said...

first comment!!!
yeah i LOVE it. love your shades
thank god you posted again

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

i love how the first shot is kind of out of focus...gives it a nice touch

Miss said...

love the first photo!

Miss said...
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Amelia said...

Cool necklaces! Blogging definitely is very therapeutic.