Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tiny Dancer in my Hand

dress - vintage (used to be rias)
belt - gift
shoes - charlotte russe
bag - gift

Wow, it feels strange to be back. Sorry for the incredibly long hiatus, i have been trying to keep my grades afloat for the past how many weeks and in turn i havent blogged and gained a lot of weight. Posted this one because a) i like it, b) i made ria walk all the way there despite her reluctance to take my picture (i love youuu!), and c)my nephew just got baptized so this would be like a landmark(ish)

SHOE PORN! I need these!! Theyre like death on heels! I have a fatal attraction to cheap heels! AWESOME!

Actual Photography...mmmm

Have to study, ill be back in a few