Saturday, July 17, 2010

go ask alice when she's 10 feet tall

June 14, 2010. My 17th Birthday Brunch
super old post! like its crazy how long ive been putting this off

the prettiest my living room has ever looked. ever.
okay so last june 15 was my 17th birthday. EWWW IM SOOO OLD ASDGSDOJSAFLJLLAS! thats a new word, look it up, holmes! The theme was tea party, and i tried to make it as pretty as possible considering i planned it in like, a day!
possibly the only good picture of me that day. 

bela and claudia, official photographers

Thursday, July 15, 2010

laisse tomber les filles

my was looking at some Bridgette Bardot pictures and got inspired. Though I am nowhere near as stunning as Bardot, i really hope you do like the pictures
fun picture i found from the photoshoot i did 2 posts back. it was HOT that day so excuse the sweat :)