Thursday, September 17, 2009

Osaka Sun

top - repurposed kimono
pants - primark
heels - river island
assorted bling

hey gang!
this post is long overdue and i apologize for the delay. Ive literally been hanging on for dear life in the sea of schoolwork our teachers have been giving us.This post will be quite sporadic (yes bad blogger bad blogger ) UGHHHH

Ive had that kimono since i was 5 and i absolutely adore the colour. The fan was also a gift from my dad on one of his trips to japan. I love it so much it became my header :)).

I think those are my second favorite heels, after the stella lunas. I got them because they remind me of those tristrap Chloes. AND theyre comfortable as hell. What more could you want.

I must bid you adieu, my breakfast beckons



Dylana said...

I love the way you wear this kimono!

Bella said...

cool kimono top! I have always loved kimono :) xx

beba, said...

Your kimono top is great!

Kreativ blogger award wait for you on my blog (:

Peace and love!

Erica said...

i especially love the second picture. and ps i love your new header ;)

CHICMUSE said...



Malu said...

you have a cute style!
cool blog:d

St├ęphanie said...

Sweet !

B said...

awesomeee! 8D