Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to the Movies

some great movies i still HAVENT watched
no sleep, fucking school :(

(i do not own these pictures by the way, i just got them off google. If you own it and are upset by the fact that i just put it up, let me know and i will take it down)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thats How We Do

Drop It Like Its Hot..

This is Fail

Hong Kong 2009 :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


that is all

Saturday, January 16, 2010


skirt - vintage (gift from ria)
sweater - vintage (my brother's when he was a kid)
beaten up flats - zara
necklace - gift from marga

Hey friends! Long time no blog! Ive been swamped with schoolwork (no exaggeration) and a billion papers due in the next few weeks. AND PROMM! AGGHH!! i haven't even started on my dress D:. I just got so fed up i just had to post and rant! SCHOOL SUCKS! SCHOOL SUCKS! RAAAAAR!

Why hello, my little geometric splattered airy scarf thing! You only cost me 79 HK in H&M, yes you did! Errmmm, yes....I love this scarf so much i baby talk to it. FUN.Its great because its so light and breezy that i could wear it in the Phillipine summer and not kill myself through heat exhaustion. I wore it today actually with the outfit, but i didnt get to take a picture with it, *sigh*

Seeing as its very hard to blog with a camera, i asked my dad to get me a new one for christmas + birthday (cause its a little imposing on the wallet). Any recommendations? Im looking for a nice digital camera that isnt an OMG-lets-take-drunk-pictures-of-ourselves-and-go-shopping kind of camera, but not an SLR either (not yet worthy). Something thats a bit transitional, because i want to teach myself photography. I like canon cause im used to it, and the flash makes me pretty *flutter eyelashes*. But whatevs. Any tips, hints, suggestions, roll calls, hoots, wolf whistles, yo mamas, anything!, can be said in the comment box