Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey yall! its christmas time and for myself, id like to lovingly ask my parents if i could order a nice pair of ankle boots from the states. i have my eye on these 2 but im only allowed to order one pair. The one on the left is from journeys ($50) and the ones on the right are forever 21 ($37). Ive been eyeing the ones on the left for a while but then i saw the f21 ones and i wasnt too sure. Thats why i turned to you guys!

Pros : Journeys
-ive been eyeing them for months
-they (finally went on sale)
-the studs arent as ostentatious
-they arent in every single human beings closet (i think)
-good height

Cons : 
- kind of expensive (i have to consider the shipment and all)
- i saw them on a model in teenvogue and they didnt look that great on her.
- im not too big on the folds
- heel is skinny (i like it but im afraid it'll bend inwards or something)
- ive never ordered from journeys before so im not too sure on the sizing
- its backorder, itll take eons probably to send to my aunts house. 

Pros : f21
- cheaper
- i dont HAVE to order it, i can probably send my aunt scouting for them in forever 21.
- i like the shape and the material looks nice (not some weird patenty thing)
- ive tried f21 shoes before, and im sure of my size
- I like how the studs are arranged, so its kind of like a business in the front, party at the back (mullet...mmmmmm)
- chunky heel but not too chunky
-golddd studddsss

Cons : 
-im scared itll deteriorate after a bit, as i tend to wear my heels till they die
-ria says the studs are too gimmicky
-i kind of agree
-they might sell out if im not quick enough
- a bit trendy, i might get sick of them after a bit

well there, which do you like better, or if you have another option let me know

i just died.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beautiful Nightmare

 either way I dont wanna wake up alone

(old photoshoot, kudos to B-LAh for awesome pictures)