Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flash Flood

Hey Guys, sorry i havent been posting, ive been out of town for the beginning of the week, swamped with homework in the middle, and doing volunteer work for the last bit of it.

As some of you may know, one of the worst floods in the history of my country (the Philippines) has occured. A months rain in 6 HOURS! I was unfortunate enough to be marooned for 2 hours on the road during the beginning (im one of the lucky ones! some people were stranded ON THEIR ROOFS for a good 5 hours). Its made me realize how lucky i am to live in a safe place and im glad none of my dear family or friends got hurt. I was supposed to do some more volunteer work today but i caught a nasty cold and i dont think evacuees would appreciate snot-ridden sandwiches.

Anyway, since the government is moving at a snails pace with relief efforts (13 rubber boats for the WHOLE metro manila WTF?!) everyone and anyone can and should be able to help. Check with your local schools, parishes, community centres, ANYWHERE! and lend a helping hand. Even just making sandwiches (like me) or donating old blankets could help. Be a good citizen!

On the lighter side, heres an old picture of me testing out my lovely white tuxedo button down with electric blue harem pants. Excuse my face!
Official Patriotism Fail (bad citizen ina, bad)

Still people, CARE!
Hope you all are safe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Osaka Sun

top - repurposed kimono
pants - primark
heels - river island
assorted bling

hey gang!
this post is long overdue and i apologize for the delay. Ive literally been hanging on for dear life in the sea of schoolwork our teachers have been giving us.This post will be quite sporadic (yes bad blogger bad blogger ) UGHHHH

Ive had that kimono since i was 5 and i absolutely adore the colour. The fan was also a gift from my dad on one of his trips to japan. I love it so much it became my header :)).

I think those are my second favorite heels, after the stella lunas. I got them because they remind me of those tristrap Chloes. AND theyre comfortable as hell. What more could you want.

I must bid you adieu, my breakfast beckons


Sunday, September 13, 2009


leather jacket - h&m
top (worn as dress) - zara
heels - stella luna

Hey people!
Im going to have to make this real quick as its late and i should be studying for my 5 tests lined up for tomorrow (please oh please let school be cancelled!). Ill be honest that i didnt wear the leather jacket today, considering it was 33 degrees Centigrade (remind me why i spent half my london budget on this jacket again?). But i just love the pairing so much. Its so simple yet so vivid. Yes, the pictures are crappy but only because it was late, and i was to tired to set up a complicated backdrop (fail). Whatevs!

Beatles Rock Band, lets get to it :)

(please excuse my shiny forehead; its sweat, i assure you)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Kiss Molly's Lips

shirt - vintage
scarf - vintage
jeans - topshop
insanely overused booties - charlotte russe
bracelets - gifts from my friend and my mother
Hey World! How you be!
I was in a pretty sappy mood today at school. This easy week came with a hefty price tag, 5 quizzes on monday, all of them subjects Im pretty much crap at. Things got so much better as soon as I landed home, Pizza and cran-raspberry juice is the ultimate pick me up! I got really inspired when i saw the window beside my stairs. The lighting was absolutely heaven sent! Especially since its been raining quite a lot meaning no outdoor shots (peace out mother nature). word.
I loved this shirt the moment i lay eyes on it. Its actually a dress, still is, i believe its a mumu from when my mother was pregnant. HAHA! I still like it as a dress so what i did to make it that length was......(i cannot believe Im saying this online) *drum roll*..I tucked the excess into my bra. Haha.
Its actually quite effective, and holds well especially if you have loads of fabric that wont fit into your pants. Its the grown up version of pinning your underwear to your shirt. NERD FOR LIFE. I will now walk into my lame corner, thank you very much.
I need a tripod, i swear.
Check out my kickass one!

Peace Out. Ina.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its just a kiss away

howdy pardner!

okay i know this isn't an outfit post, but i literally spent the whole day in my pyjamas, and i doubt any of you wouldbe interested in that. LOOK AT THESE BABIES!

They have reignited my need for bitching booties. I think i'd wear them in my sleep. :)). $59.99!!! ahhhhh so close yet SO FAR. I hate being broke!! NGAHAHAGHJSGAKHSJK. OHHH MOOOOMMM! im not even going to the states any time soon. greaaaatt.

Anyway, im really excited because i commisioned ria to make me a godzilla tshirt. Yes, i am that lazy i make other people do my D-I-Ys. Hahaha! Thats just how i roll, slick! awwww yeaaahh.

I need a bag of studs and those shoes

I need money...

I need....a JOB. frikkin child labor laws :(

adios amigos,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flash, Saviour of the Universe

The first thought that popped into my head when i saw these :
"shit! what happened to my arms?!when was the last time i slept?!?!?! *faint*"
i need the gym more than i can imagine.....sad

hey world! Guess who's back! *shadys back, tell a friend* just kidding.
My sister bugged me into doing a post today, especially as i have no homework whatsoever so i have no excuse. As anticlimactic as it is, yes my outfit is very dull and boring i wont even write down where the stuff came from. Ha ha.

spent the day pulling my hair out at school, nagging ria about how her framing is off, and basically being a crabby bitch. It rained and im tired. Lets hope im cheery tomorrow, eh chaps?

Ive forgotten how theraputic blogging was, its a good place to vent, to share your dreams ,passions and day to day experiences. Its also a good motivation to get out of a rut and not settle for your tshirt and jeans uniform cause "you dont have time". Yeahhhhh...Anyway, expect more posts real soon. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not....depends if school doesnt smother me first.

Great to be back!
love, Ina

Oh yeah... i have a newfound interest in makeup, like the theatrical weird makeup (plus some normal shit), so every now and then ill be doing some makeup posts. Woohoo! :D

yeah, toodles. *word*