Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its just a kiss away

howdy pardner!

okay i know this isn't an outfit post, but i literally spent the whole day in my pyjamas, and i doubt any of you wouldbe interested in that. LOOK AT THESE BABIES!

They have reignited my need for bitching booties. I think i'd wear them in my sleep. :)). $59.99!!! ahhhhh so close yet SO FAR. I hate being broke!! NGAHAHAGHJSGAKHSJK. OHHH MOOOOMMM! im not even going to the states any time soon. greaaaatt.

Anyway, im really excited because i commisioned ria to make me a godzilla tshirt. Yes, i am that lazy i make other people do my D-I-Ys. Hahaha! Thats just how i roll, slick! awwww yeaaahh.

I need a bag of studs and those shoes

I need money...

I need....a JOB. frikkin child labor laws :(

adios amigos,


Erica said...

it's the sacred shoes! yeah they ARE like woah:D

katrina said...

woah, these are gorgoeus!
definetly a W A N T!!