Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heres looking at you kid..

dress - vintage
shoes - stella luna

what i wore to Ateneo prom (shout out to my date Stephen! had a great time :D). I was going for an Ingrid Bergman type thing with the hair, and I ended up looking like a Chinese cigarette ad girl from the 40's, which is always good. Sorry the photos kind of blurry, but its the best one i had :D

Next week is my own prom, i'm excited yet scared. Hopefully it'll be even better than this one.

Ill post pictures, cant wait for you guys to see the dress i designed :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And I Wanna Be Anarchy

watch me rock that leopard print.. :) 

My attempt at Bon Jovi, i wore it to my friends shoot. They told me "goth". Oh well, I liked it, but i could only wear it for so long, SO HOT TODAY.

H&M jacket
leopard print button down 
blondie shirt
topshop jeans
topshop shoes
"ray bans" (notice the "")
sequin ribbon

Thats all :)