Friday, September 11, 2009

Kiss Molly's Lips

shirt - vintage
scarf - vintage
jeans - topshop
insanely overused booties - charlotte russe
bracelets - gifts from my friend and my mother
Hey World! How you be!
I was in a pretty sappy mood today at school. This easy week came with a hefty price tag, 5 quizzes on monday, all of them subjects Im pretty much crap at. Things got so much better as soon as I landed home, Pizza and cran-raspberry juice is the ultimate pick me up! I got really inspired when i saw the window beside my stairs. The lighting was absolutely heaven sent! Especially since its been raining quite a lot meaning no outdoor shots (peace out mother nature). word.
I loved this shirt the moment i lay eyes on it. Its actually a dress, still is, i believe its a mumu from when my mother was pregnant. HAHA! I still like it as a dress so what i did to make it that length was......(i cannot believe Im saying this online) *drum roll*..I tucked the excess into my bra. Haha.
Its actually quite effective, and holds well especially if you have loads of fabric that wont fit into your pants. Its the grown up version of pinning your underwear to your shirt. NERD FOR LIFE. I will now walk into my lame corner, thank you very much.
I need a tripod, i swear.
Check out my kickass one!

Peace Out. Ina.


Kylie said...

HAha, bra tucking? Good tip! That shirt is ammaaaaazing!! I'd love to see it full out, in all it's glory. I wish my mom kept clothes from the good 'ol days, but she gives everything away as soon as it becomes slightly outdated :(. AND she's been pregnant 4 times!! Imagine the maternity gear I could have scored!!! Ah


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

lol dw hun i do a bit of 'bra tucking' myself, when i want to turn tank tops into crop tops :P
i'd love to exchange links and have already linked you, let me know when youve linked me back <3

xx said...

Love the look!

Natalie said...

i love ur acid washed jeans, fit u perfectly :)


Erica said...

i love the lighting of your first pic.

and awesome tripod! hahaha

Dylana said...

Love the color of your top!

beba, said...

Love your shirt!

Peace and love!

Riri Lariza said...

the shirt's so lovely. :)