Sunday, January 25, 2009


no glasses


(bayo blazer, zara blouse, next jeans, vans, random brooches and bling, bag is a gift)
Excuse my large thighs. They don't look this big in reality (i hope). Found my camera in my family room. Yipeekayay *horse whinnying in the background*! .Really couldn't be bothered to wear any other shoes other than my trusty vans. Love the texture of that blouse, I'd run around clad only in that blouse, but im afraid of burning people eyes out of their sockets(its see-through as anything). The pictures do not do it justice (ria is a terrible photographer..Ha Ha) Went "thrifting" last saturday at the woodrose flea market. I really wish i bought that white silk pajama top. I shall Google-stalk now for something similar.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts! ive been incredibly busy and my sister "borrowed" my camera last week and hasnt returned it yet. Ill try putting up some decent blog entries next week with nice pictures. For the meantime, please be content with my current etsy wishlist! :D


Friday, January 9, 2009

Balenciaga knock-off!

(dress-IIC Garage Sale (for 70 pesos, BEEYOTCH), heart bag - gift from cheska, black scarf used as belt, wayfarers, shoes - charlotte russe)
*shout out to claudia for the awesome photoshop skillz!!*

Whats shakin' bacon?
OK, this is cheating a bit. I was supposed to wear this outfit on Christmas Eve but, i wasn't able to (a long and petty story, don't ask). Sorry i haven't been posting, i have so much schoolwork, you can't even imagine. I'm actually supposed to study for my exams today, so this post will be super short. I found the dress in the pile of odd items at my class garage sale. I immediately thought "BALENCIAGA KNOCKOFF!!" (hence the title, i can dream HAHA!)

i bought it thinking it wouldn't fit me since it seemed rather small, and i would just give it to my sister. Then i tried it on and BAM! perfect fit. I need to alter the sleeves a bit, but over all its awesome brocade print, tulip skirt, poufy sleeves(tucked in because i need a few alterations as the shoulders are too big) and turned up collar. I need a leather jacket and bitchin' boots and a bowler...

BOWLER!! charlie chaplin is my best friend, really.I NEED THIS! NOW! (these are incredibly hard to come by here). These hats kick fedoras in the bee-hind

Gotta study now, ill see you tomorrow
Ina :)

P.S. My dog just ate like a whole bag of malteasers. We just brought her to the vet.Shes okay for now so please hope and pray that shes alright!! :(
P.P.S. If youre wondering if my hair is that f*cked up naturally, the answer is yes. Haha! :D