Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tiny Dancer in my Hand

dress - vintage (used to be rias)
belt - gift
shoes - charlotte russe
bag - gift

Wow, it feels strange to be back. Sorry for the incredibly long hiatus, i have been trying to keep my grades afloat for the past how many weeks and in turn i havent blogged and gained a lot of weight. Posted this one because a) i like it, b) i made ria walk all the way there despite her reluctance to take my picture (i love youuu!), and c)my nephew just got baptized so this would be like a landmark(ish)

SHOE PORN! I need these!! Theyre like death on heels! I have a fatal attraction to cheap heels! AWESOME!

Actual Photography...mmmm

Have to study, ill be back in a few


Francesca said...

teehee.. i gave you that bag :> so glad you're using it :D

AND IM HAPPY YOU POSTED AGAIN! whoot! KUDOS (he.hehehe. i like that word) for updating your blog!

:) Advanced Happy Kickbutt Summer!


inabeena said...

YAY ches!! thanks for commenting! :P

Anonymous said...









Taylor said...

love the shoes

Kelly said...

adorable bag!!! haha, elton john lyrics...a girl i know got to go see him the other day and i was MAJORLY jealous!

Robynne said...

Super cute outfit!!

-Fashion on Edge

Noelle Chantal said...

the print of the dress is very nice. and it's kinda see through, lovely! the color of the belt is perfect for the dress too. :)

dellayamarno otlivio said...

Hi . . .exchange link pls :]

stilgerecht said...

i love your dress! looks great with your hair- and skincolour! lovely!

FrouFrou said...

Hi! I would love to post your blog on my site. Hope you can post mine, too. Im starting a new fashion, art, and lifestyle blog. :)

Riot Report said...

great shoes! where r they from?
check out Riot Report daily for inclusions from your blog!
xo Vanessa

Austere said...

The print on that dress is gorgeous and the belt goes along with it perfectly. Pretty flowers too.

Erica said...

update your blog so you can get a lookbook! and whne you do get a lookbook, i will hypehypehypehype it always!!!xxx
erica hahahaha