Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Generation Got Old, Our Generation Got Sold

that position was strangely quite painful. 
Oooh macro, PROFESHHH

vintage gap jacket
f21 skirt (7.80 thank you very much)
random jewelry 

super old pictures, i just felt like i deserved a post today. I know i look like i havent seen the sun in 14  years but thanks to my many beach trips i can assure you that i know resemble an old leather bag.
im in an insane fashion rut, i cant seem to wear anything other than a tshirt and some shorts and a pair of slippers. i blame the weather and laziness. Oh well :(

School is starting in a few days! D: SUMMER NOOOOOOOOOOO. One more year guys, i can do this!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Im Such A Girl

(image from knight cat and sisters of the black moon)

I cant help but fall for pretty vintage dresses such as this. Prom maybe? Hmmmm