Thursday, June 17, 2010

i could hold you for a million years

the coolest people you will ever meet
(claudia, bela, angelica in the ff. order)

                  (pictures by claudia tambuatco)
photoshoot with Bela, Claudia and Banzon. Very random and uncoordinated, i didnt even feel that well, but im glad it worked out. Sort of. OOOHHH RAINBOWS!
(photos by bela yatco)
i decided to be a cat/indian hippie person. it was fun. Angelica wanted to be all leather rock and roll, and now that i think about it i think we agreed on that theme. whatever man. its coool!

well i gotta go, cya!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poetry for Alexander

HERE IT IS! My favorite photoshoot by far! possibly my longest post ever. This took a lot of hard work and patience to choose and ORGANIZE, so i implore you, dear reader, to enjoy this massive photo dump.
i had the blazer custom made in Hoi An (which i WILL do a post about), over my prom dress, i slapped an H&M scarf on my head, and pulled on my F21 studded boots. I did the makeup for everyone while Bela and Erica took the photos. We soooo did not coordinate our outfits but whatevs, we cool that way!
i'll give you guys a break from my face (sort of) before the massive photodump of solo photos, and give you a glimpse of my cooler-than-me partners in crime; Bela, Erica and Bea!
aren't we cool? yeahhh we are. 
okay, are you ready? ARE YOU READY???
(if you scroll down quick enough you wont have to endure my monkey-butt face)

you can look now <3


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As If By Magic

These were taken on a recent trip to Enchanted Kingdom (a.k.a the fail Filipino answer to Disneyland, et al.) with 7 of my best friends in the whole entire world.
ohhh man, Pop Nogginz! They put your head on top of a dancing body and make you sing along to really bad pop covers and 90's hip hop. Hilarious.

(im wearing shorts underneath, just in case y'all were wondering)

All of these pictures were taken by the amazing Bela Yatco (on the right because i cant find any solo pictures, booo) , whose photography skills i have been abusing since I started blogging. If you spot an amazing picture on my blog, it probably belongs to Bela.
 I feel as if i should just turn this blog over to her, shes so much more interesting than me anyway :))

heres what i wore :

not much of an outfit, but since i spent most of my day under the sweltering heat i had to dress appropriately. The dress and bag are from vietnam while the glasses were a gift.
thanks guys for an amazing time! I missed you all! :)

and for you readers, i have a very exciting post to share with you! stay tuned :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Always In This Twilight

photo dump of hanoi, beautiful city with beautiful people. The food was terrific, the weather was not so but it didn't really matter because the awesomeness made up for it. I cant really capture all its glory with my shit camera. but i try.dammit i need an SLR

Stayed at the Metropole Hotel, a very swanky establishment that houses the apparent best French restaurant in Asia. Its simply divine, its a little pricey but its worth it.

look imma be a vampirrreeee

ill catch you youngins later!