Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summer Skin

Hey! Okay, so the storm didn't hit (Thank YOUUUU) but i've been busy as hell this week. I just finished this HUGE MEGA LARGE GARGANTUAN project where I had to do a monologue, in Filipino. Those close to me know Filipino isn't exactly my forte (in other words, im terrible). BUT IM ALLLLIIVVEE! HAHA, take that world!

Anyway, im craving summer more than anything! these pictures are from a slightly old photoshoot that my friends and I conducted during summer. Photos taken by the ever fabulous Bela and the models are the gorgeous Angelica (sigh). I was the makeup artist! quite proud of myself! We've been trying to do more but we've been swamped, literally, by homework and floodwater. Oh well..

My friends are so gorgeous it kills me! D:. I <3>

! to all you baltimore-based poe enthusiasts, LOOK!!

How befitting of him, an open casket viewing, scary yet intriguing. I'd go if i was within a hundred mile radius of baltimore, even though id probably never be able to sleep again. Haha


Emilie said...

Thank you for your comment! Love the make up!

Erica said...

i love ALL of the pictures. gosh bel's real good. and you and banzon are like woah

Nika said...

these are beautiful pictures

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

gorgeous eye makeup! these shots are so fun1

Jowy said...

LOVELY pics and thats some inspiring make up!

One Love,

Jo-B Sebastian said...

Whuttt... Ina. This isn't just because I'm your beloved brother or anything... But you look gorgeous here weirdo! Who photoshopped it? JUHOHOWWkE!

PS. Stop using my laptop when I'm not around.