Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Theda Bara

Just a small tribute to probably one of the most beautiful actresses EVER! LOOK AT THOSE EYES! Theyre like feiry dark pools of awesome that are so frightening, yet so childlike. Theda was very popular in the silent era, but eventually faded with the coming of sound(not that she was unsuitable, but her husband didnt allow her to make films). Its my dream as an (aspiring) actor to play her one day in a movie. But, only a few of her films survive today and very little is known about her so that dream may never materialize.

Nevertheless, this woman is a total icon! SHE IS THE ORIGINAL GOTH GIRL! that makeup, that hair, THAT SNAKE BRA (i want me one of those puppies)! While she may not be my absolute favorite actress(AUDREY HEPBURN = <3), shes still very interesting to watch(one of her movies are up on youtube). And apparently she was very nice in person. Gosh i wish i couldve met her...

read more about Theda here and here


P.S. this is a filler post. SLIGHTLY unrelated to fashion. today was very uninspiring. :

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Kimberley Smith said...


I am totally in awe! What a beautiful woman and reading about her is just facinating! I was in a thrift store today and found a poster of her...had no idea who she was and my mother told me...I bought it as a gift for my daughter...I hope she appreciates it. I know she was born on July 29th in 1885 but how and when did she die??? Thanks for posting this!!! Peace and light!