Monday, December 29, 2008

Panda Bear

(say hi to rudolph and theda! ill show you more of my erte necklaces soon!)

(most perfect flannel ever - bazaar, hat - bazaar, necklace - bazaar, pins - random, beautiful blister causing man boots - vintage bally, pants - pacsun)

hi world! im back. I was supposed to start blogging eons ago, but i got swamped with schoolwork (most of which is still not done...sad truth that is my life). Ive been alternating between dressing good, and looking a total bum(in a bad way, think sweatpants.) i know this isnt the greatest outfit to start my new blog with, but i am soo in love with the shirt/hat/necklace/boots. The shirt is like my dream flannel, part Kurt Cobain/ part Peter Pan. Im tempted to paint a large black lightning bolt on a pair of jeans. Will be getting to that once i finish my mounds of schoolwork and fix my musical duties.

Bought a bikini today. Its billabong. Perfect for surfing/ bumming/ lollygagging about. :). Im craving leather converse shoes. Ill keep you posted coz i gotta split!
See Youz Laterz Alligatorzz!

P.S. I finally figured out a way to salvage my purple skinnies. Ill get to that once im done with my.........(blathers on aboput shit you wouldnt care about)
P.P.S. If youve tagged me before please change my url to this blog as im abandoning stud muffin. Ill tag all my favorites soon because Im a lazy bum and wont do it now.
P.P.P.S. Its great to be back!

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ambika said...

*Such* a cute hat.