Friday, January 9, 2009

Balenciaga knock-off!

(dress-IIC Garage Sale (for 70 pesos, BEEYOTCH), heart bag - gift from cheska, black scarf used as belt, wayfarers, shoes - charlotte russe)
*shout out to claudia for the awesome photoshop skillz!!*

Whats shakin' bacon?
OK, this is cheating a bit. I was supposed to wear this outfit on Christmas Eve but, i wasn't able to (a long and petty story, don't ask). Sorry i haven't been posting, i have so much schoolwork, you can't even imagine. I'm actually supposed to study for my exams today, so this post will be super short. I found the dress in the pile of odd items at my class garage sale. I immediately thought "BALENCIAGA KNOCKOFF!!" (hence the title, i can dream HAHA!)

i bought it thinking it wouldn't fit me since it seemed rather small, and i would just give it to my sister. Then i tried it on and BAM! perfect fit. I need to alter the sleeves a bit, but over all its awesome brocade print, tulip skirt, poufy sleeves(tucked in because i need a few alterations as the shoulders are too big) and turned up collar. I need a leather jacket and bitchin' boots and a bowler...

BOWLER!! charlie chaplin is my best friend, really.I NEED THIS! NOW! (these are incredibly hard to come by here). These hats kick fedoras in the bee-hind

Gotta study now, ill see you tomorrow
Ina :)

P.S. My dog just ate like a whole bag of malteasers. We just brought her to the vet.Shes okay for now so please hope and pray that shes alright!! :(
P.P.S. If youre wondering if my hair is that f*cked up naturally, the answer is yes. Haha! :D


yiqin; said...

I love your heart bag! It is so adorable!

noelle chantal said...

really really nice dress to play with.

and guess what? (say "what?") i'm a thrift store addict. the cheaper the better find. :)

see you around!

Carlita said...

I want THAT hat so bad!
Loving the dress, very pretty :).

Carlita said...

I would LOVE to swap links!! I'll add you right now :).

Rosanna said...

Hahahah..yeah that was me. So you're the one who won that styling thing right? My sister and I loved the purple top :)

Athena. said...

Absolutely adore the heart bag :)
great blog, can't wait for the next post!

Athena. said...

Oh, sure, let's swap links :)
I'll add yours now :D
thanks for the comment :)

thebasketcase said...


ting said...

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