Wednesday, September 29, 2010

enamel paint is a bitch

So last week my batchmates KC and Queenie celebrated their 17th birthday in the form of a white-paint party ala Katy Perry. I came really late because i watched my brother's concert (WHICH WAS AMAZEBALLS!) a good hour and a half away thanks to the traffic, but from what i heard it was really good.
by the time i got there people stopped dancing and i there wasnt much else to do other than..ummm i dunno PAINT FIGHT! But as fun as it was, i don't think im ever going to do it again because the paint was so bloody hard to get out. Its been a week and i still have bits of blue in my hair. 
Oh well, at least the pictures were off the chain!
My favorite photo of the night :)

pink bag - Ria's, beige heels (which are ruined now *sad* - Zara, watch - Casio, T-shirt - OLD
all photos by Louise Lopez, check her out guyss!


Leia said...

A paint fight sounds like so much fun! :D


Grace said...

What fun!

Love Grace.

Nina Lindgren said...


thank you so much for you comment!

Andreia said...

so funny pics!!