Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poetry for Alexander

HERE IT IS! My favorite photoshoot by far! possibly my longest post ever. This took a lot of hard work and patience to choose and ORGANIZE, so i implore you, dear reader, to enjoy this massive photo dump.
i had the blazer custom made in Hoi An (which i WILL do a post about), over my prom dress, i slapped an H&M scarf on my head, and pulled on my F21 studded boots. I did the makeup for everyone while Bela and Erica took the photos. We soooo did not coordinate our outfits but whatevs, we cool that way!
i'll give you guys a break from my face (sort of) before the massive photodump of solo photos, and give you a glimpse of my cooler-than-me partners in crime; Bela, Erica and Bea!
aren't we cool? yeahhh we are. 
okay, are you ready? ARE YOU READY???
(if you scroll down quick enough you wont have to endure my monkey-butt face)

you can look now <3



Raez said...

adorable outfit! that dress is just so dreamy.

xx raez

jessica wu said...

im loving that dress soo much.


Dylana Suarez said...

Your are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. Like seriously. And I love that dress on you! What a great shoot!

duckalicious said...

monkey-butt face? :D oh come on, you're really pretty! great outfit, too. the scarf looks really good on your head.

Laura said...

I really like your pictures!!

Keith said...

Great photos. These are so cool. I really like all the clothes.


love the wonderful colors and mixed prints! come follow me xoxo