Monday, March 1, 2010

You Go To The Embassy Parties, Where You Talk in Russian and Greek

"And The Young Men Who Move in Your Circle, They Hang on Every Word You Speak"

This is my prom dress, beautiful ain't it? I named her Olivia. She made me smile :)
There aren't any words to express how beautiful, how ladylike i felt in it. Ill probably never feel the same way again. I'm not usually this prim, but i think prom is an excuse to step outside of yourself and be someone new.

I have to admit this dress was really expensive, like so expensive that next year I'm just going to have to buy off the rack (im keeping my eyes peeled for a vintage one). But Debbie (Co, the designer) did such a wonderful job. Its so pretty, i cant stop gushing over it! it was definitely worth all the lectures.

Ill keep this dress forever, maybe my future daughter could wear it to her prom. Who knows?

The event itself was wonderful! Decor Committee shout out! I have to admit prom is a little overrated, but it was so much fun!  It really is the night of nights. I doubt my even my wedding will be this awesome

Well, back to reality, i have to study now.


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