Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heres looking at you kid..

dress - vintage
shoes - stella luna

what i wore to Ateneo prom (shout out to my date Stephen! had a great time :D). I was going for an Ingrid Bergman type thing with the hair, and I ended up looking like a Chinese cigarette ad girl from the 40's, which is always good. Sorry the photos kind of blurry, but its the best one i had :D

Next week is my own prom, i'm excited yet scared. Hopefully it'll be even better than this one.

Ill post pictures, cant wait for you guys to see the dress i designed :)


Ladyulia said...

I can't see the picture in this post
i don't know whats the matter
I have already refresh the page again and again
but nothing works

and thx for droppin' some comment at my blog
love ur comment


erica said...

you are so pretty, ina!!
stephen should get a blog so he can be part of us. hahaha check out my latest post (triumverate vibess)

london-dreamer said...

hey, im new to blogging and just taking a look round people profiles.
take a look at mine if you get the chance :) and hints and tips would be much appreciated!
london-dreamer x

london-dreamer said...

thanx for commenting on my blog :):) xx

beba said...

Oh my God, you look amazing there. At first I thought it is a pic from some old movie! Great!

Peace and love!