Thursday, November 19, 2009

High On Diesel Gasoline, Taiko the Drum Machine..

Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Top - DIY
Bling - F21
Pants - Primark
Charming Good Looks - Priceless 

I love that song! :))
Hey guys! Long time no see! So sorry about that! It's just that I've really been stressing over school and i barely have time to sleep, let alone blog ! Oh dear... Anyway, my sisters 28th birthday! (same age as Ben Barnes, natch!)  Lots of fun, good food, and TURKEY! Yes, My family is part of the few Filipinos who celebrate Thanksgiving (though we decided to have an advanced celebration). I tried telling my dad that Thanksgiving was to celebrate the Pilgrims landing in America, but my ever-optimistic dad just said he decided to adopt the celebration. Whatevs, Im not complaining. TURKEY! STUFFING! EEP! Yeah...If you know any good ways to relieve stress, please let me know. Im about to implode here!

XXX (ooh sexy letters ,rawr)


erica said...

i like how you did your top, great outfit! 8D

Celia said...

love the top (:
and those shoes!

Chloe said...

very cute shoes.

Emilie said...

Love your shoes.

Style Bird said...

Great the necklace!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

gorgeous outfit :)especially your top!

♥ Hannah



bridget aileen said...

I love, love, love those heels. They are amazing in every way shape and form

Miss W chérie! said...

great outfit!
I do love your shoes :)