Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting Spacier Than An Astronaut

jacket - H&M
tank top - primark
shredded piece of denim that resembles something that once was a pair of shorts - old navy
HEELS GLORIOUS HEELS - zara (londonia bebeh)
belt - the treasure trove called the topman clearance section
thanks b-lah for the pics!
(sorry theyre a bit yellow/orange-y, the lighting was whack and my photoshop skills are well, simply put, whack)

Hey guys! How you doin? This is what i wore monday to the photoshoot (pictures coming soon i swear). Was feeling super-tired that day, i had to chug down a huge mug of black coffee, and i dont even drink coffee, just to act "normal" (and im not that much of a sunshiny person to begin with). Maybe im anemic? Stressed? i dunno.

I like this outfit! I feel like Karla, only fatter. woohoo!

But anyway, lets get back to business. CHECK OUT THESE BABIES ON MY FEET ( i am wearing them as i type, im obsessed)!! yesss, be jeeelllz. They came in last week, and i've been waiting for them since, i dunno, july? it.was.worth.the.WAIT! my mom bought them for me when she was in london and she gave me a vague description of them which made me less-than-enthusiastic (especially since i wanted these insane blue suede skyscraper heels), but these are so much better than i imagined, even better than the blue ones for shizzle! Theyre actually quite comfortable, or maybe my feet just get numb, haha

I think ill pass out now.

word to your mother.


Keith said...

Great photos. You look fantastic. Very cool outfit from top to bottom. Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. Cheers!

erica said...
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erica said...

i say this is the best post i've seen from you. you're such a hottie, ina!!

Andie said...

wassup b? you look fab dont cha? anyways check out my blawg you got yourself an award :)

Style Bird said...

Great outfit..Love your shoes.

B said...

love the shoes seb!! and damn girl you're so hot :> great poses

Amelia said...

I love the pumpkins. You really work those shorts.

Nika said...

cute, i really like it

Lilee said...

this is hot hot hot! love the shoes and the singlet looks great tucked into the shorts!

Melissa said...

lovveee your jacket and your shoes are lushhhhh! cute outfit :)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

LOVE those shoes! wow :)

♥ Hannah



Maribel said...

You have a bouncy hair and it's gorgeous.