Saturday, July 17, 2010

go ask alice when she's 10 feet tall

June 14, 2010. My 17th Birthday Brunch
super old post! like its crazy how long ive been putting this off

the prettiest my living room has ever looked. ever.
okay so last june 15 was my 17th birthday. EWWW IM SOOO OLD ASDGSDOJSAFLJLLAS! thats a new word, look it up, holmes! The theme was tea party, and i tried to make it as pretty as possible considering i planned it in like, a day!
possibly the only good picture of me that day. 

bela and claudia, official photographers


Irene said...

that tea party looks great <3

Irene said...

btw, i'm following and do you speak spanish?

K. said...

Wow, such amazing photos! I'm really amazed! And that dress is supercute!

K. said...

And i would kile to wish you a happy belated birthday wishes, 17 isn't that old - i'm gonna turn 18 this August, i'm much worried about that :D But seriouysly, your b-day looks like it was so much fun, would've loved taking part in it :)

duckalicious said...

happy belated, babe! oh and if you're old, what am I, a great grandma? :D

Mark said...

Hi babybarbarella,
Great pictures and thanks for sharing these memorable moments with everyone. You are looking gorgeous in your 17th birthday picture :) Those pastries are looking yummy, wish I could have a bite.
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