Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saw her in the amazon, with the voltage running through her skin

Awesome Max Fischer-esque beret - Cotton On
Shirt -American Apparel
Pantaloons - American Apparel
Brown Loafers - vintage from the nicest old woman i have ever met, ever.
black and silver loafers that were left in the frame by my friend

(photographed by the wonderful bela yatco, who allows me to use her pictures on my blog)

Got back from america 2 days ago, and my friends and i got together and shot this shoot(redundant, i know) literally as soon as i got off the plane. My friends are so gorgeous, and i look like a banana, great.

My friend Marga and I were in charge of the makeup. I felt very out of place in the shoot because everyone was wearing pretty dresses while i look like Max Fischer in drag (80's style). But im glad it turned out well. I found my camera charger again, so i think were back to business. I need a tripod i swear

My loafers busted open, so im having them cobbled as we speak. I dont really mind though, considering they were only 50 cents (WHUT?) and the proprietor of the garage sale i found them in was literally the sweetest old woman i have ever met. Ever. She even gave me a whole dollar instead of 50 cents change because she couldnt find coins and could not find it in her heart to take the extra 50 cents for nothing. My heart literally broke from how sweet she was.

Here, for your daily dose of ugly, is a too close for comfort shot of my face, so you can see my wicked UO ring and my hoochie mama lipstick (revlon certainly red). Holy mama my hands are huge

Ill see you fools around


Joezehh said...

you are gorgeous and that outfit is amazing. i wouldn't ever have thought to put that together but it works really well!
x x x x

Janina Dentata said...

I love your outfit! I loved that you use cool fictional characters like Max Fischer as fashion inspiration.
Stay golden!

duckalicious said...

I love this & you're gorgeous! =)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

LOVE THESE PHOTOS. The "I'd Tap that" made me giggle.

And the last photo is stunning. Definitely, without trying to sound too cheesy, a great dose of BEAUTY.

(haha, oh god, that sounded cheesy, didn't it?)