Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey yall! its christmas time and for myself, id like to lovingly ask my parents if i could order a nice pair of ankle boots from the states. i have my eye on these 2 but im only allowed to order one pair. The one on the left is from journeys ($50) and the ones on the right are forever 21 ($37). Ive been eyeing the ones on the left for a while but then i saw the f21 ones and i wasnt too sure. Thats why i turned to you guys!

Pros : Journeys
-ive been eyeing them for months
-they (finally went on sale)
-the studs arent as ostentatious
-they arent in every single human beings closet (i think)
-good height

Cons : 
- kind of expensive (i have to consider the shipment and all)
- i saw them on a model in teenvogue and they didnt look that great on her.
- im not too big on the folds
- heel is skinny (i like it but im afraid it'll bend inwards or something)
- ive never ordered from journeys before so im not too sure on the sizing
- its backorder, itll take eons probably to send to my aunts house. 

Pros : f21
- cheaper
- i dont HAVE to order it, i can probably send my aunt scouting for them in forever 21.
- i like the shape and the material looks nice (not some weird patenty thing)
- ive tried f21 shoes before, and im sure of my size
- I like how the studs are arranged, so its kind of like a business in the front, party at the back (mullet...mmmmmm)
- chunky heel but not too chunky
-golddd studddsss

Cons : 
-im scared itll deteriorate after a bit, as i tend to wear my heels till they die
-ria says the studs are too gimmicky
-i kind of agree
-they might sell out if im not quick enough
- a bit trendy, i might get sick of them after a bit

well there, which do you like better, or if you have another option let me know

i just died.


Nika said...

I like the one on the left (Journeys)

erica said...

the f21 reminds me of the SM heel.. except the studs are gold, square, and not on the heel itself. just follow whatever your heart (and your feet tell you) YUCK SOBRANG KESO. but yeah, i think i'd kill you if you got either. i really want a new pair of shoesies.

Dylana said...

Those forever 21 ones are amazing!

Andie said...

sup b, you should get the forever 21 pair. you know you want it

Keith said...

Happy Monday! I wanted to say hello. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead. Cheers!

Camilla said...

Omg, amazing blog! xxx
I have that Marc Jacobs bag in ice blue :))
Check out my blog :)

betz said...

i love the one from journeys. but f21 is cool too. it won't hurt your pocket that much.

Amelia said...

I'd go for the more expensive ones. I don't think f21 ones would last very long, but I've never bought shoes there so I don't know.

fayeee said...

I just died with you, the shoes. THE shoes?!?
Hope to hear frm you soon, check out my blog sometime if you wish :)
have a good one!

fayeee said...

ahh thanyou very much, ill add you to my list of blogs at the side :) oooh hope to hear from you soon!
I need to do a new post whenever that'll will be, so please come back sooooooon :)

wow that sounds desperate, didn't mean it to be ;P

Noelle Chantal said...

both shoes are really nice. but i love the f21 ankle boots more. love the gold studs on it! :)

have a prosperous new year!

Chevy Mae said...

the gold studs are too predictable. like who doesn't own a pair of anything with studs nowadays. and you can only pair them w/ gold jewelry. the journey one is classic, and it's a much better quality than f21. look at this as an investment, it doesn't matter how much it is, if it'll last longer and probably more comfortable. journeys are known to sell shoes.. f21 are known for clothes and just recently started gettin in the shoe game. hope that helps!

Christine said...

The Journeys pair looks nicer :)

B said...

i still like the journeys one! it looks more classic :> I STILL NEED NEW SHOES IN MY LIFE, dammit. :( Must go shoe hunting. :O