Monday, January 3, 2011

city of angels


a pictures worth a thousand words, so here you go

Thursday, November 18, 2010

fifty first dates

hey guys...its been a while. sorry but I've been so busy it's ridiculous. I just came back from the states and I have lots of goodies to share with you guys! But before that I will share with you this insanely long photodump of mediocre pictures from a vacation i took in El Nido a few months back (SO FUN)!

pimp watch, how i miss thee! It got lost after the paint party *sigh*

russian books, just what i needed!

Oh yeah, after discovering my teacher reads my blog i decided that I should try to swear less on this thing. I'll still say ass and the occasional "Sh*t" if i'm really mad but i think i should try to keep it classy on this here captain's log. So yeah

If you made it this far, congrats

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

enamel paint is a bitch

So last week my batchmates KC and Queenie celebrated their 17th birthday in the form of a white-paint party ala Katy Perry. I came really late because i watched my brother's concert (WHICH WAS AMAZEBALLS!) a good hour and a half away thanks to the traffic, but from what i heard it was really good.
by the time i got there people stopped dancing and i there wasnt much else to do other than..ummm i dunno PAINT FIGHT! But as fun as it was, i don't think im ever going to do it again because the paint was so bloody hard to get out. Its been a week and i still have bits of blue in my hair. 
Oh well, at least the pictures were off the chain!
My favorite photo of the night :)

pink bag - Ria's, beige heels (which are ruined now *sad* - Zara, watch - Casio, T-shirt - OLD
all photos by Louise Lopez, check her out guyss!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

technicolor health

long flesh coloured balloons are always fun :)
Hey everybody! Sorry I've been M.I.A but i've been swimming in schoolwork. It's almost cruel how much stuff I have to do at the moment. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post. Ill reply to them and follow you all once I have time.  

Heres what I've been up to :
wow my arms look really fat here, sorry!
like how trippy and blue everything looks? so do I. 
Taken at Lazer Extreme Town Center, during my good friend Reese's birthday dinner
Lasertag arena to yourselves = awesome

Gene Simmons tshirt - Robinsons
Big as a house ring - H&M
black lace skirt - H&M
black flats - H&M
gold clutch - vintage

Sunday, August 8, 2010

this ain't a fairytale

GUESS WHO FAILED THEIR UPCAT YESTERDAY??! i'm just kidding, i won't know the severity of my failure until February.My optimism just shines through, doesn't it. (Oh yeah, for you non-Filipinos, the UPCAT is the entrance exam for the University of the Philippines. It's the biggest school here, i think. And it's definitely got the most diverse student population in the country.)

Well this is an exceptionally scary picture of me. I'm with Diablo, the sexy stallion. He's been in the front lawn of the house I'm renting ever since we got here. He's a little "avant garde" (?) for my family's taste but we decided to just leave him be, since he's pretty much drilled into the ground. I've been dying to take pictures with him for ages. And RESULT!! He has proven to be quite natural in front of the camera.
I tried to fix my photos because it was so rainy and my camera lens fogged up. The results are a bit trippy, but I like it. Isn't life just awesome? 

Vintage top, skirt and belt
River Island heels
Guest star : Diablo the Stallion (whhhhuuuuuutttssss)

Dont hate me coz you aint me!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

go ask alice when she's 10 feet tall

June 14, 2010. My 17th Birthday Brunch
super old post! like its crazy how long ive been putting this off

the prettiest my living room has ever looked. ever.
okay so last june 15 was my 17th birthday. EWWW IM SOOO OLD ASDGSDOJSAFLJLLAS! thats a new word, look it up, holmes! The theme was tea party, and i tried to make it as pretty as possible considering i planned it in like, a day!
possibly the only good picture of me that day. 

bela and claudia, official photographers